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Top VoIP Services of 2021 : Start using Voip Call Solutions & Save, Cloud Based Phone Systems for Home & Business, Free SIP & PBX Server

Are you looking for a low-cost VoIP Call Solution for your business? Do you want a cloud based phone system for your home and enjoy unlimited calls? How about an unfailing SIP & PBX Server for free?

Check out our guide for the best VoIP services of 2021 below. Get yourself a VoIP system that guarantees quality calls at low cost!


What is VoIP and how does it work?

VoIP is becoming a popular trend for homes and businesses in South Africa. Although it has been around for years, businesses and homes have not fully tapped into this cost-cutting service.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using the internet rather than airtime or the conventional phone lines. With VoIP, your provider assigns a number to you, which makes it possible to make calls using your internet by either downloading a VoIP App to make calls or use a VoIP phone to make calls. Whichever choice you make, VoIP is cost-effective as you only pay for VoIP services which are relatively low compared to the traditional ways of purchasing airtime vouchers or paying for a landline.


South Africa has Hundreds of VoIP providers for Homes and Businesses.

Home Setup:

VoIP for home uses your home internet Wi-fi or Router connection to make voice calls. Your VoIP provider assigns a number to you, then connects a VoIP cable from your Router to a VoIP phone, or you can use a wireless VoIP that connects to your Wi-fi/Router Wirelessly. Also, you can connect to a VoIP service by downloading a VoIP App recommended by your provider.

VoIP allows you to make all your calls using your homes internet connection. You do not have to pay an extra fee to use VoIP through your internet. All you must do is pay a token to your VoIP provider for a monthly call time. The fee ranges from as low as R25/mo. – R200/mo. Depending on the selected plans. However, R25 – R50/mo. is ideal for every home.

Business Setup:

Several factors determine the setup of VoIP for businesses. One key factor is the size of your business and the type of calls you make.


The first step is to know the number of users/employees who will be using this service. It will give you an idea of the number of VoIP phones and lines to set up. Also, you get to know if your current internet plan is efficient enough or you need to upgrade.


You need to understand the type of features you need from the VoIP setup. Do you require Conference calls, International calls, HD calls, Auto call router, Mobile Apps for use on the GO? Once you know the type of features you want, it becomes easier to determine your VoIP provider.


Budget the amount your business is willing to spend on VoIP services and get a VoIP provider that meets your budget and offers the features/services your business needs. Once you make a budget, search for a VoIP provider that meets your budget and business needs.


Your chosen VoIP Provider will install all the necessary phones, hardware, software and configure your business VoIP system based on your plan and features. Also, some VoIP offers cloud PBX services, which means there will be no need for on-site installations. Once completed, your business will be ready to “VoIP”.

Why does your Business need a VoIP?

Every business in the 21st century requires the internet. Also, your business needs to make calls to customers, clients, creditors, and debtors alike. If you do not have a VoIP in place, this means you are paying separately for internet and calls, thereby spending so much more when you can make calls using your company’s internet service.

With VoIP, your company’s international and local calls will use your internet connection to make calls. It means all calls will use your company’s internet. This will save your company between 30% - 80% on phone call bills monthly. With VoIP, your company will only pay for VoIP services and call time, which is a fraction of your regular phone bills. VoIP certainly saves you more money, and you get more services such as HD+ calls, unlimited calls, call forwarding, music when a call is on hold, call records, etc.


Company size: The size of your company determines the type of VoIP you will use. A large company will likely require more phones, more hardware, faster and stable internet speed than a small company. Also, a large company will pay more for a VoIP subscription than a smaller sized company.

Local or International calls: If your business makes so many international calls, you must endeavour to choose a VoIP provider that offers you International calling features at an affordable rate.

Number of Users: Some VoIP providers offer a limited number of users. In other words, you are restricted to a certain number of users. Ensure that your prospective provider offers the number of users your business requires.

Features: IF your business requires specialized features such as Conference calls, International calls, HD calls, Auto call router, Mobile Apps for use on the GO etc. Be sure to check with your provider that they offer the features/services your business needs.

Rates: Make sure the rates are perfect for your business. A VoIP provider should save your business in phone bills. One of the primary aims of using VoIP is to cut cost. Your business should be saving more when you use a VoIP service rather than the conventional phone/landlines. If you spend R500 on calls monthly, your VoIP rate must be lower. If your VoIP provider charges you higher than that, then, they are not a good fit for your business.

Call Quality: Call quality is very important for your business. There is no point in using VoIP to cut cost when your employees cannot hear the person on the other side of the phone. This might eventually lead to loss. Your VoIP provider should have a good quality call service such as HD voice calls.


  • RICA registration
  • VoIP Phone
  • Cordless or Desktop phone
  • A copy of your ID or Passport
  • Proof of Residence
  • Three months bank statement
  • Telephone bill and Authorization letter to use an existing number



MWEB VoIP is ideal for small to medium sized businesses. MWEB offers one of the cheapest and cost-saving VoIP solutions for businesses in South Africa. MWEB offers free calls to other MWEB Users, and you also save cost on both local and international calls.

MWEB international calls to the United States is R0.10/min, while calls to the U.K is R0.08/min. Plans: - MWEB VoIP Starter goes for R59/Month for 100 Minutes. - The Lite plan goes for R99/Month for 250 Minutes. - MWEB 500 goes for R189/Month FOR 500 Minutes. - The 1000 minutes plan goes R349/Month.

Voys VoIP:

Voys VoIP offers cost-saving call solutions for businesses. The Voys comprehensive business phone system is cheaper than using a conventional landline. You get more features such as Flexible call forwarding, Voicemail to email, The Voys App, The Voys Webphone, Real-time call logs and statistics, Self-service web portal, Conference calling (3-way), Click-to-dial, Music on hold and several other features.

You pay R20/month to use One number, while 1x block of 10 numbers is R 100/month. 1 - 50 Extension cost between R250 to R 1500/month, respectively. Toll-free numbers are free, while Voys 2 Voys calls are also free.


Euphoria VoIP:

Euphoria VoIP pride itself as South Africa’s number one leading business phone system. Its services come with a PBX server that eliminates the use of so many phone lines and wires. The VoIP PBX phone system is a cloud-based technology. It eliminates the use of several wires and phonelines as your business phone system will be connected to a cloud.

Euphoria offers three business phone solutions. Express Plan: This plan cost R1,000 to set up, with a monthly extension fee of R65.

Enterprise Plan: It cost R2,500 to set up. The monthly extension fee for this plan is R85.

Euphoria Call Buster: The setup cost for this plan is R3,000, with a monthly extension fee of R185.

Some of the benefits of using Euphoria is:

  • You save up to 50% on your monthly phone bills when you move to Euphoria.
  • There are no long-term contracts required.
  • 24/7 customer support service.
  • Free calls between your business branches.
  • Option to connect between 3 to 1000+ employees.

Buwacom VoIP:

Buwacom VoIP offers a cloud PBX technology for businesses. Their PBX technology makes it easier for businesses to manage their call records and VoIP settings. Since the PBX system is cloud-based, your business does not need a VoIP technician to visit your office to adjust settings, set up long phone lines and configure settings, or make an extension. With the PBX cloud system, everything is online.

Buwacom offers three plans for Businesses.

Home Business plan: This plan is suitable for one to four users. The setup fee for this plan is R550, with an R89/monthly per extension. The Business Plan: This plan is ideal for five or more users. It cost R550 to set up and R69/monthly per extension. The premium plan: This plan is for businesses that requires recordings. It connects five or more users and cost R950 for setup, with R99/monthly per extension.

Benefits of Using Buwacom

  • No upfront cost.
  • No contracts required.
  • You save up to 60% on average.
  • Eliminates expensive on-site hardware installations.


Axxess VoIP:

Axxess VoIP allows users to make calls using their internet connection. You will only have to pay for CallTime. Axxess is ideal for homes, businesses and individuals who want to save more on their phone bills. You can get a VoIP phone or download the Axxess Mobile App to make Axxess VoIP calls on your smartphones. Also, you can use an existing landline or get a new number from Axxess. Axxess call rates are cheaper for both local and international calls. For example, calling the United States of America with Axxess VoIP is R0.31/mins, while calls to the United Kingdom is R0.10/mins. Axxess VoIP offers different plans.

  • The R50/month plan gives you 50 Axxess CallTime.
  • The R100/month plan gives you 100 Axxess CallTime.
  • The R300/month plan gives you 300 Axxess CallTime.
  • The R500/month plan gives you 500 Axxess CallTime.
  • Deals/benefits
  • Unused Axxess Call Time roll over for up to three months.
  • Free VoIP calls between Axxess users.

WebAfrica VoIP:

WEBAfrica VoIP, like every VoIP provider, uses the internet to make voice calls rather than the conventional use of airtime vouchers and landlines. Calls are cheaper, thereby saving you money on your phone bills. International calls to a mobile phone in the USA cost R0.24/min, while calls to a mobile phone in the United Kingdom cost R0.36/min.

WEBAfrica offers three plans: - The R50/month plan gives you VoIP 50, which is about 100 local call minutes. - The R100/month plan gives you VoIP 100, which is about 200 local call minutes, while the R200/Month plan is Uncapped.

WEBAfrica offers Free transfer of existing Landline. This means you do not have to pay to transfer an existing line.


If you want to save more for your home and business phone bills, then VoIP is the sure way to go. VoIP services in South Africa are easily accessible than ever before, and you no longer require a VoIP phone to use the VoIP technology. If you have a smartphone, you can download the VoIP mobile App, and you get to enjoy every bit of this technology.

Note: All VoIP calls require you to have an internet connection.