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The team at MyTips is a culmination of nerds with specialties in everything from taxes to Mordor (and back again). We work with a network of independent writers from around the world whose mission is to make the internet a better, more helpful place. Writers are organized by teams who specialize in distinct subjects. Read more about our teams below.

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It’s simple. We break down the ins and outs of everything from doing your housework to choosing a bank. We try to cover as many everyday problems as possible, and our collection of tips is constantly growing. If you have a suggestion on what you think we should cover next, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Sharing is caring, and we’re determined to share as many helpful tips as possible. We’d rather fill the internet with information and relatable content everyone can use rather than fake news or exaggerated headlines.

Meet Our Teams


Everyone needs a little help sometimes. That's why our lifestyle writers are constantly looking for ways to make the little things easier. Our lifestyle writers believe that eating well, dressing well and playing well are all parts of living well.


Need help to make that next step forward in your career? Need some tips on what to look out for when educating your kids? Most of the writers on this team have been there and are ready to help prepare you so you know what to look out for. From researching the top schools to getting ahead in your career, our education team is ready to help you get to the next level.


Our consumer team is packed with a bunch of gadget geeks and super shoppers who don't know when to quit. From testing the latest smartphone to analyzing the benefits of buying another pair of shoes, we've got you covered.

Trust is Important

How is content verified?

We do the research and gather information from other trusted websites and sources. All articles have been edited and fact-checked where possible, with links to reliable sources.

Notice an error or that something is out of date? Reach out to us: [email protected].

Does advertising affect our content?

Like most other online publishers, we make money with Google Adsense, Taboola Ads, Facebook Ads and many other platforms. In order to advertise on those networks, we have to meet their ethics and guidelines. Any advertisement or sponsored article will be labeled. Please note, not all ads shown on MyTips reflect our views. For more detailed information on how advertisers collect data on our website, read our privacy policy.

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We've got answers. Send your comments and concerns to [email protected].