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Compare VOIPs for Home, Business & Unlimited International Calls

Looking to save money on your phone bill? Need the best VoIP server and systems for your home or for your business? Need a cheap but top-notch VoIP for your phone or pc? What about unlimited international calls and an unfailing VoIP server?

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As technology has changed over the course of the last several years, so have communication and the way people go about reaching out to the world around them. One of these advances comes in the form of VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. So, what is VoIP? Voice over Internet Protocol phones basically uses the internet to allow users to send and receive calls. Now, this has become a viable option not only for businesses but also for everyday people who simply don’t want an expensive phone plan. Many people use VoIP for traditional landline phones, but several others decide to replace their cell phone plan. This article will explain what VoIP is, list a few companies that you can trust, and serve as a general guide to VoIP in the US.

Overview of VoIP

As mentioned, VoIP is essentially an internet phone and it works for landline use as well as for cell phones with the use of apps. Put simply, VoIP is another option for your phone needs and it uses a digital signal to send and receive communications. While this may seem new to many, digital lines have actually carried phone calls beginning from the late 90s. VoIP is different from the traditional phone because it does not rely on analog lines to carry voice signals. This is also why you do not need extra wiring like you would if you were using a traditional phone company. Technically, the only thing you need for VoIP is an active internet connection, but the VoIP company you choose will essentially route your incoming and outgoing calls through the existing phone network. On the other hand, traditional landlines and cell phones rely on the Public Switched Telephone Network. VoIP is a convenient and trusted option because 93.5% of people in the US have access to high-speed internet, which means most people would have very little work to switch over to this less expensive option.

It should also be noted that while most people use ethernet connections for their VoIP phones, a strong Wi-Fi signal will also do the trick. Hard connections such as ethernet hookups are generally the best when it comes to speed and quality of the call, but many people prefer wi-fi, especially for non-business reasons.

For cell phone use

While most people who have cell phones use major companies like Verizon and AT&T, it is extremely possible to use it with VoIP instead. This generally involves downloading apps such as What’s app, Skype, etc. Again, this simply uses your existing internet connection. This ability is free with certain apps, but others require you to purchase a certain amount of minutes for a small amount of money. You can also send text messages with these services.

Besides the apps that allow cell phones to work using VoIP, most smartphones have an option in their settings for Wi-fi calling. How this is handled depends on your cell phone company, but it basically allows you to do this if for some reason your cell service is unavailable. However, certain companies require you to contact them before you can enable Wi-Fi calling.

For businesses

Dial Pad Dial Pad is an AI-powered calling, conferencing, and contact center company that specializes in VoIP for businesses. The service is built using clouded based architecture and they are known for their reliability, top-notch security, and flexibility of options. Not only is it an easy company to work with, but you can use your service on any device and from basically anywhere. Dial Pad is known as the company that is meant to serve workers of today’s world, which means it has things in place that makes getting work done on the go extremely doable. In terms of pricing, Dial Pad starts off at $15 per month, but most businesses choose the pro subscription but is $25 per month. They also have free international calling if you have the pro version of the subscriptions.

Intermedia Unite Another great VoIP company for businesses is Intermedia Unite. They claim to provide users with a worry-free experience by handling the areas of security, reliability, onboarding, support, and regulatory compliance so that your employees have no distractions when it comes to your phone service. If you pick this service, you simply have to plug your pre-configured device in and it works. The service also helps connect your mobile devices so that your work is as seamless as possible. With Intermedia Unite, you can either bring your own compatible phone or you can purchase one of the options they provide. They have different levels of phones that range from basic, then advance, then enterprise, and lastly, conferencing. They offer free international calling on certain plans.

RingCentral RingCentral is a great VoIP company that can handle all your business needs. They have many different options, but most people pick the RingCentral Office plan because it integrates video conferencing, messaging, and phone. In terms of pricing, this service starts at $19.99 per month. This first option has all the basics: up to ten users, unlimited calls within the US and Candida, document sharing, etc. However, if you want international calling, an extra fee per month is required. Customers can either purchase phones from RingCentral, or they can bring their own device.

Microsoft Business Voice If you are looking for a VoIP option from a company that your trust already, Microsoft Business Voice is the way to go. This service turns Microsoft Teams into a powerful and flexible phone provider. This allows you to have both toll and toll-free numbers, call menus, and audio conferencing. There is no need to pick features because they are all there already and this service works will all cellphones and computers. This option may not be for everyone, but it is a great choice for most businesses. The price begins at $15 per month.

VoIP is a great choice for any individual or company that is seeking to save money without sacrificing great phone service. The technology for this has been around for a long time, which means it has been perfected and can be trusted to handle any situation. The companies mentioned on this list are all great, but there are also many others on the market.