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Top VoIP Services 2021 : Switch to VoIP For Business & Save with Unlimited International Calls, Get Cloud Based Phone System & Free SIP Server

Looking for a low-cost IP telephony setup for your business? Do you want a cloud based VoIP System with free unfailing SIP Server? Do want to save money through unlimited international calls via VoIP?

Check out our guide for the best VoIP services of 2021 below. Get yourself a VoIP system that guarantees quality calls at low cost!

The Best VoIP Solutions In Australia

For the past couple of decades, VoIP has been gaining a reputable reputation in the personal and business areas. Voice over Internet Protocol is a telecommunications technology that allows anyone to place a call over an internet connection.

Voice over Internet Protocol is becoming the definitive choice for consumers as well as businesses. VoIp offers numerous benefits that traditional phone lines couldn’t possibly hope to offer. It can do everything your traditional phone line can do and a lot more. VoIP is but a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone line.

There are features available in Cloud services that are powerful and include (but not limited to) auto attendants, voicemail to email, being able to take calls from anywhere (as well as work).

Voice over Internet Protocol Implementation Requirements

To be able to benefit from all of what Voice over Internet Protocol has to offer, there are only a few requirements you have to meet.

Your Network Bandwidth

Do you have a high-speed broadband connection? If so, you can implement Voice over Internet Protocol. IP telephony uses less bandwidth than one might assume. As a rule of thumb, plan to use 0.1 Mbps (100Kbps) for each line of voice service you want to implement. For example, if you wanted to have seven voice lines, you would need 700Kbps for your network.

To ensure you do not create a congested network for yourself or your business, try not to use more than eighty-five per cent of your total network bandwidth. If you have a congested network, this can lead to poor call quality and even dropped calls.

Low Latency

The better the internet connection you have, the more successful the Voice over Internet protocol will be. This is because the fact that data being sent and received quicker means you have a better connection. If you would like to monitor your network’s quality, you can measure and monitor the Jitter and Ping. There are tests you can take for free to measure your Jitter and Ping. Successful implementation will have less than seventy milliseconds for both Ping and Jitter.

Wired Over Wi-Fi

If you have the option, an Ethernet connection would be ideal for businesses and consumers alike. Ethernet is the most reliable connection when it comes to implementing VoIp. Ethernet will decrease the chances of a congested network drastically.

If you are in an office, it would not be a bad idea to invest in a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch. These switches allow the delivery of data and power for your phones over a single wire.

Voice over Internet Protocol Carriers

There are dozens of VoIP providers. However, we will be only looking at two when comparing plans that include unlimited international calling.

MyNetFone - Australia

This VoIP provider offers you two lines, unlimited international calls for $130 per month. MyNetFone offers future-proof solutions to your business needs.

Voice over Internet Protocol Australia

VoIP Australia is another provider that offers wonderful services for fair prices. For $35 per month, VoIP Australia will give you an Australian phone number, your user license, call plan subscription, SIP or/and MS teams license. There are over fifty countries you can call unlimited.

Cloud-Based Voice over Internet Protocol

What is cloud-based VoIP? It means that your business does not have to manage any phone system hardware(s) ever again. This is because the VoIP is hosted by your provider and not you (physically).

This provider offers an unlimited SIP trunk with unlimited calls to Australian numbers for $44 per month (including tax). They have a bonus offer of unlimited calling to over fifty countries if you decide to choose them for your VoiP needs.

8 x 8 VoIP Services

For businesses, 8 x 8 offers numerous options for small businesses up to call centres. The first option 8 x 8 offers is the X1: unlimited voice calling, handling, multi-level auto-attendant, and more for $15 per month. For $25 per month, you get all of the X1 features as well as unlimited calling to fourteen countries, video and audio conferencing as well as chat, with a fair list of integrations compatible with small businesses.

For $115 per month, you get the X2 as well as skills-based call routing, call recording, CRM (customer relations), journey mapping, and a lot more.

Voice over Internet Protocol Package Deals

There are too many providers to mention in this article. However, these two VoIP deals should be mentioned.


Vonage offers unlimited talk to over sixty countries. This offer is a promotion that lets you make and receive phone calls from your cell phone (two of them) using their app. You can call ten countries unlimited from your mobiles. For six months, it is less than $10 per month. After the first six months, the price will be $35 per month (with a one-year agreement).

VoIPLine Telecom

The unlimited saver from VoIPLine Telecom offers an Australian phone number, user license, unlimited calls within Australia for less than fifteen dollars per month.

The Only Downfalls of Voice over Internet Protocol In almost every way, VoIP is superior to the old way of telecommunications. VoIP only has a couple of downfalls. If you do not have a good internet connection, VoIP will not be the best choice.

VoIp has no location tracking. This means if there is an emergency, you will not be able to use these phones. However, chances are you have a cell phone near you, so it doesn’t really matter. Other than these, there is no downside to VoIP.


Regardless if you are a consumer or a business, VoIP is a go-to choice. Some VoIP providers are better suited to consumers, while other providers are more suited to businesses.

If you are a consumer, Vonage has some of the best options for you at the best prices.

If you are a business in Australia, VoIpLine Telecom is probably more suited to your needs since they specialize in businesses.

There are over fifty VoIP providers in Australia. A simple price comparison will help you determine what provider and what plan is best for you.