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Top VoIP Services 2021 : Save on Phone Bills by Switching, VoIP For Business & Home + Unlimited International Calls

Looking to save money on your phone bill? Need the best VoIP solution for your home or for your business? Need a cheap but top-notch VoIP for your phone or pc? What about unlimited international calls and an unfailing VoIP server?

Check out our guide for the best VoIP services of 2021 below. Get yourself a VoIP system that guarantees quality calls at low cost!

The Best VoIP Solutions in Canada

Volp is a new technological advancement in telecommunication that aids several computerized networks using packet-switched procedures. These packet-switched protocols organize the voice signals into packets like an electronic envelope. These packets transmit with network systems such as LAN.

Communication is more effective due to the volume of information transported in packets. The advantage of VoIP services is they help homes, businesses, and organizations achieve more productivity with enhanced communication. VoIP Services has grown to include web conferences, phone calls, voice mails, faxes, and emails.

Requirements to Get VoIP for Your Home or Business

If you need a VolP for your business or home, you’ll need slightly different setup procedures. No matter the operational need for the setup, you need five essential components:

Wideband Internet Connection

The Emphasis on a stone broadband internet network is becoming outspoken. If you’re expecting more calls, then you should get an internet connection with butter bandwidth.

A VoIP Service Provider

The same way you need an internet provider is the same way you need a VolP service provider. The price charged by each provider differs from country to country. Some VoIP service providers have monthly and yearly subscriptions with different price ranges.

Wired Ethernet Interface

Routers are needed to provide an avenue for better security, speed, and connection. The router purchased doesn’t have to be so expensive but should perform the listed functions.

Cords, Phone and Headset

Additional cables are needed to link computer and phone systems. The handset purchased must be compatible with VoIP. A private branch exchange setup aids calls between office workers and employees.

VoIP, PBX, and Other Programs

Private Branch Exchange software is the best program for making general and introductory phone calls. The software is used in the home since you don’t expect to use it for numerous calls. Some can remodel computer operations like a phone.

What Qualifies You to Get a VoIP in Canada?

To get a VolP in Canada, you need first to be a resident of Canada. Several VoIP service providers provide free calls within and outside Canada. You only need a VolP enabled device that converts your analog telephone to make free calls. Utilizing VolP services incur charges and subscriptions, all depending on the type of service provider contacted and the part of Canada where you reside.

Reliable VoIP providers for Your Business

There are several VoIP service providers you can contract for your business. We’ve selected two based on their pricing, rate of success, and consumer satisfaction.


Oona is one of the leading VoIP service providers for businesses in Canada. They provide efficient hardware with reasonable pricing. It is pretty different From other VolP providers because you don’t have to pay any monthly or yearly subscription fee. All you need is a $9.99 one-time payment for the hardware device which connects your phone to an internet connection. Setting up and maintaining the hardware device is simple and easy to execute.

Ooma also provides a user-friendly interface, a flexible adapter that comes with a speaker, and high voice quality. It has helped several businesses in Canada access VolP services at low and efficient rates.


Versature offers High-quality SIP, call data, and VolP solutions for Canadian businesses. The company has a trusted record with several positive customer reviews to their credit. Versature provides unique and advanced services, including enterprise integrations, free international calls to thirty countries, and good analytical tools to help businesses accomplish their goals.

Versature considers the satisfaction of its customers and has crafted out several pricing packages. The Business Lite Package involves a monthly subscription of $22.99, Business Select Plan: $33.99 monthly, and Business Premier: $49.99 monthly for growing and small-scale businesses.

Best VoIP Providers for Your Home

VoIP Much

VoIP Much provides free calling services for a variety of U.S and external regions. Most of the company’s features are free except a few, reserved for paid packages. Enhanced Voicemail, Online voicemails, conversion of voicemails to emails, caller ID, Call Holding, Call Screens. The paid plan offers customized rates for countries with high call rates.


1-VoIP is a residential VolP service provider that affords users reasonable pricing and excellent customer support. They don’t have an extensive list of features but are perfect for home and residential VolP service requirements. When you subscribe to their service, you get a free network box which would require a commitment to a contract. Its subscription plan costs $8.79 monthly.

VoIP Providers Who Offer Deals Suitable for Businesses and Homes, Phones and PCs


With RingCentral, VolP users have assured of an effective cloud-based phone system for their homes, businesses, and pcs. The company provides PBX features: call control, Outlook, Salesforce, Google Docs, DropBox, and Box integration.

Customers get the privilege of low maintenance and capital Investment costs to build more comfort and reliability. Its plans save you about 33% added costs on yearly subscriptions.

The RingCentral monthly pricing structure: The essential ($19.99), standard ($27.99), Premium ($34.99), and Ultimate ($49.99) plans. Other added features include Additional toll-free or local numbers, vanity numbers, international numbers, international toll-free, and High Volume SMS.


Line2 is a VoIP phone service provider which allows you to text and call persons with your license through an app. With Line2, you get two lines you can distribute when you don’t want to share your line. It helps you separate your official messages and calls from your line. When used in Small businesses, workers can access a separate phone line for all official duties.

Line2 is the best VolP service provider if you need affordable and reliable VolP hardware, which would give you no stress setting up. It is excellent for Businesses, Homes, Phones, and PCs. You don’t have to worry about number incompatibility.


Several VoIP service providers are suited for specific VolP service needs. Irrespective of the service needs at hand, there are service providers that best suit the occasion. You can get VolP services at cheap and efficient rates. Homes, businesses, and organizations are beginning to leverage the added advantage of Voice Over Internet Protocols as an effective means of communication.