Computer Hacks By Team Consumer, 05 Mar. 2022

Top 6 Photo Storage Solutions

photostoragePhoto by cottonbro from Pexels

Your photos take up a great deal of storage in your laptop or mobile device. This leads to the system becoming slow and crashing if not cleaned out often enough. It creates a difficult situation for photographers or people who enjoy collecting memories. Which photos should be deleted in order to preserve space on your device? After all, every memory counts.

Thankfully, a number of apps provide us with ways to store our photos on the Internet instead, keeping our laptops and cell phones speedy while preserving our precious moments. If you’re a photographer who can’t bear to rid yourself of your pictures, try one of these. Don’t wait until you lose a memory to invest in photo storage.

1 - Dropbox

One of the best-known apps on the list, Dropbox is often used for team projects in which large files have to be shared. It can also be used as a safe space in which to keep those extra photographs without bogging down your system; drag and drop the files into the site. Though it is not free to use in its entirety, you can start with a smaller version which provides you with up to 2GB of storage.

2 - Flickr

Once one of the most popular photo websites, the Flickr app now provides you with a space to share your photos, much like Dropbox. You can share files, as well, and can upload your photos in their full size without worrying about compressing them. One downside is that your limit is set to 1,000 photos.

3 - Google Photos

Much like other Google-related apps, Google Photos provides a sound and secure way to store your files. Since it’s unlikely that Google will disappear anytime soon, you don’t have to worry about losing your photos. Unfortunately, Google Photos has a file size limit; your images cannot exceed 16 megapixels.

4 - Cloud App

If you have Apple devices, Cloud is already built into their system; it provides you with a space in which to save files of all kinds, not only photos. Considered by most to be sound and trustworthy, you can even download it on Android. Only the limit of 5GB on the free version provides an issue, but with a payment you can upgrade it.

5 - Snapfish App

Snapfish provides the photographer with a more selective storage approach. You can upload your photos in their full resolution, though it has to be done manually. This process can be carried out in large batches, saving you time and space in your iPhone. Since this app isn’t only focused on storage, but also on printing photos, you can get 50 free prints a month.

6 - Amazon Photos

If you want a powerful app that can store a large amount of photos at a time, try Amazon Photos. It comes included with your Amazon Prime subscription, and has great storage capability as well as the ability to hold large files. You can even create a Family Vault, a shared account in which everyone can store their precious memories. It’s a great way to stay connected and keep your photos organized.


With these services at your disposal for photo storage, you don’t need to choose between memories and disc space. Find the one that’s right for you and continue to snap photos of things that you’ll want to revisit in the future. We live in a time when memories are not limited to photo albums, and we don’t have to lose any of our most meaningful moments.