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The Best Internet Packages of 2021: Get Internet without Contract & Best Price Comparison for High Speed Internet Package Deals

Do you want a fast high speed internet for your home? Are you looking for the best and cheapest internet package without subscription? You can compare the best internet packages online to find the most suitable options that include all wanted requirements!

Check out our guide for the best internet packages of 2021 below. Get yourself an internet plan that suits your needs!


Internet consumers use internet packages as provided by their internet providers. An Internet package is simply the bandwidth an internet provider gives you for a specific period for a specified amount of money. So, as a consumer, you buy an internet package you can afford from the internet service provider.

Internet Providers

As the name suggests, an internet provider is a company that provides access to internet services to both individuals and organizations. The internet services provided by the internet service provider majorly include providing you with an internet connection which provides internet access. In addition to providing internet access, internet providers may also offer services that include but are not limited to domain name registration, internet transit, web hosting, colocation, and UseNet services. These services allow not just access but also the use and participation on the internet.

Internet Quality

When acquiring an internet service provider services, you must get a package that provides you with suitable internet quality. Internet quality is the amount of internet needed to get the optimum results expected as they use the internet. For instance, if you are using your internet to stream videos, an internet connection with good quality should stream your videos smoothly without stopping or showing pixilated images.

Internet Costs in The United Kingdom

The internet costs across the United Kingdom vary based on household usage, the internet provider you are using, and where you live. However, on average, a household in the country uses £30.30 a month on the internet. Londoners are known to pay as low as £0.62 per Mbps for their internet, followed by the North Easterners who pay £0.78 per Mbps.


This a time when we are all connected through the internet. People mostly communicate online. The internet is also a great source of information as well as that of entertainment. There also exist online games which keep people occupied. The everyday use of the internet has created the need to have internet connections at home to allow for communication and access to information, games, and other entertainment forms. The most commonly used home internet access is Wi-Fi which is usually connected to multiple devices simultaneously. Requirements To get an internet connection at home, you will need;

An internet service provider

When choosing an internet provider, you should consider their availability in your location, and the internet speed offered vis a vis why you need to use the internet. They should be affordable and reliable. The range of internet services you can pick from is dial-up, DSL, which uses the broadband connection, Cable, satellite, and Fiber Optics.


A computer is an essential equipment which will allow you to access the internet. Other devices that require access to the internet are smartphones, tablets, laptops, printers, and other smart home devices. Additional hardware you will need to make your connection to the internet smooth are;

The Modem: this device converts digital information from your computer to analog signals transmitted over wires. It translates analog signals from the transmission wires back to digital data that the computer can understand. The type of internet access you choose determines kind of Modem you should get. The Router: this device routes data between the devices in your home. It helps establish your home Wi-Fi network by allowing the wireless devices in your home access to the internet and keeping your network secure through its firmware. Ethernet Cable: this is a thick cord that connects the Router to the Modem. The ethernet cable also provides direct internet access to the wired devices. You may not necessarily need a router to connect to the internet as it is possible to connect your device directly to your Modem using the ethernet cable. Some modems come with built-in routers giving you the option of creating a network without having to buy extra hardware.

Internet service providers a wide range of offers for those who would like to purchase internet, putting in mind that people’s purchasing powers are different. Therefore, you can buy an internet package with a long-term contract of up to 12 months or a short-term contract of 1 month. There is no contract or a temporary offer, which is a bit costlier but provides the same incentives as contracted deals. The no-contract Broadband is suitable for those who are not intending on staying at a particular place for long such as students during term time.

Getting internet packages in the United Kingdom

For you to subscribe for an internet connection in the United Kingdom, most internet service providers require that you be a minimum of 18 years old. In addition to that, other requirements include;

Living in the United Kingdom in an area where Broadband is accessible Having a telephone line that is compatible with your internet service provider


If you know you will need an internet connection at a particular address for a few months, a short-term or no contract broadband is more valuable than getting into a long-term contract. The no contract and short-term broadband deals offer you full internet access on a monthly rolling contract without requiring you to sign up for a long commitment. Some internet providers that offer these include;


Depending on the speeds you need and your budget, Now Broadband offers several deals that run for a 1-month contract. Such deals include but are not limited to; The NOW Broadband Super Fiber 1-month contract provides an average of 63Mb with a setup cost of 65 pounds and costs 25 pounds per month. The NOW Broadband Brilliant Broadband is a bit cheaper, costing 18 pounds per month but provides an average of 11Mb with a setup cost of 65 pounds. You can find more of the offers they provide on these terms on their website.


DirectSave Telecom also provides friendly internet packages depending on the speeds you want and your budget for no contract or short-term contract broadband deals. These deals include but are not limited to; The Superfast Fiber Broadband Plus costs 39.95 pounds per month, offering unlimited downloads and an average speed of 63Mp. This deal requires a setup cost of 24.95 pounds.

Their Unlimited Broadband, which offers unlimited downloads and average speeds of 11Mb, costs 27.95 pounds per month and requires a setup cost of 24.95 pounds. Their website provides more offers that meet your needs. INTERNET PROVIDERS OFFERING HIGH-SPEED INTERNET PACKAGES IN THE UK A good internet connection can make you access the internet with ease and browse quickly without having to wait for ages before pages load. High internet speed in an internet package is attractive to any customer. There are internet providers in the United Kingdom who are known for their excellent high internet speeds.

These are:


Virgin Media offers United Kingdom’s fastest average broadband speeds reaching up to 516Mbps


HyperOptic offers speeds of up to 1000Mbps. The only disadvantage is that it reaches a small fraction of homes in the country.


BT offers some of the fastest speeds of up to 67Mbps in the United Kingdom, with fiber broadband widely available in all areas. These speeds make BT faster than its competitors on the Openreach network.


Depending on what you need to use your internet for and the weight of your pocket, you can subscribe to an internet package that works for you. Virgin Media offers the best high-speed internet packages and would be the best provider to pick.