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The Best & Most Effective Eye Drops: Best Eye Drops & Other Natural Remedies for Dry Eyes

Looking for the most effective eye drops for your eyes? Do you prefer natural remedies or eye drops without preservatives? Have red, itchy eyes after staring at your computer screen for too long?

We’ve collected a list of the best eye drops for every eye type. From contact-safe solutions to preservative-free eye drops, we’ve broken down the prices and features of some of the best eye drops on the market. Further below, we’ve also compiled tips on treating dry eyes with natural remedies. Read below to find the most effective dry eye solution for you!

Remedies for Dry Eye Treatments

Having itchy eyes can make you feel uncomfortable, right? There are various reasons behind the itching feeling in your eyes. However, the dry eye condition is one of the most common issues behind it. Dry eye disease has many causes that range from wearing contact lenses for long to spending a lot of time in front of your screen. Do you suffer from dry eyes symptoms? If yes, then this article is made for you. Here, you’ll learn about a dry eye condition, its causes, symptoms, and the best products to apply if you experience it. So, let’s get started.

What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye occurs when the tears are unable to offer sufficient lubrication for the eyes. Your tears might be unstable or inadequate due to several reasons. For instance, they may be of low quality or insufficient. This instability results in damage or inflammation of your eye’s surface. As a result, dry eye disease makes you experience a burning or stinging feeling in your eyes.

Symptoms of Dry Eye Disease

Knowing the signs and symptoms associated with dry eye can help in incorporating early interventions. Here are some of the most common dry eye symptoms:

  • Light sensitivity
  • Eye redness
  • Stringy mucus around and in your eyes
  • Scratchy, burning, or stinging sensation in both eyes
  • Eye fatigue or blurred vision
  • Watery eyes, natural body response to eye irritation.
  • Difficulty in wearing contact glasses or lenses

NOTE: These signs affect both eyes.

What are the Causes of Dry Eye?

Usually, tears are made of three distinct layers: mucus, fatty oils, and aqueous fluid. This mixture keeps your eyes’ surface lucid, lubricated, and smooth. Several reasons interfere with the production of adequate, healthy tears. Some of the causes include inflamed eye glands, allergies, autoimmune disease, and hormonal changes. In some cases, it occurs due to reduced tear production and high tear evaporation.

Causes of Reduced Tear Production

In this case, you fail to produce adequate aqueous fluid. Here are some issues that affect your ability to produce tears:


Certain medications such as antidepressants, drugs for acne, birth control, and high blood pressure, decongestants, and antihistamines. Medical conditions such as eye allergy, Sjogren’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders, sarcoidosis, and lupus. Corneal nerve insensitivity caused by nerve damage, laser eye surgery, or use of contact lenses.

Causes of High Tear Evaporation:

  • Deficiency of vitamin A
  • Eye allergies
  • Eyelid issues such as lids turning inwards (entropion) or outward (ectropion)
  • Dry air, smoke, or wind
  • Posterior blepharitis
  • Infrequent blinking

What Are the Best Products to Consider When You Have Dry Eyes?

Have you been diagnosed with dry eyes disease? Or are you experiencing dry eyes symptoms? Here are some of the best dry eye products to consider.

Systane Lubricant Eye Gel

A drop of this lubricant gel feels natural, like your tears. Drew Barrymore, through her Instagram page, referred to this gel as her favorite. If you often experience adverse eye dryness, Systane lubricant eye gel is the best option for you. Once applied, it takes a long time to reapply as it has a thicker texture. However, it does not feel jarring upon application. With an average of 4.7 out of 5 in 4,500 ratings on Amazon, you can’t doubt this product’s quality and effectiveness.

Bausch & Lomb Opcon

Do you experience allergies due to exposure to certain products? It can be grass, dander, pet hair, or even pollen grains. This product is made with ingredients such as antihistamine that help you with flare-ups. One reviewer at Walmart noted that it calmed his itching and whitened her eyes efficiently and quickly. The product boasts an overall 4.8 star out of 5 in 196 ratings. That said, you cannot doubt its ability to heal or at least ameliorate your dry eyes condition.

TheraTears Lubricant Eyedrops

Designed after two-decade of research, TheratTears gives you an optimum relief for your dry eyes. Its distinctive electrolyte-balanced formula makes it active and gentle. Also, it is preservative-free, a feature that many reviewers appreciate a lot. Out of more than 13,000 ratings on amazon, its overall rating is 4.7 out of 5. This product gives you long-lasting dry eye relief, and the customer ratings say it all. It is best for people experiencing moderate dryness.


Having red eyes sucks, right? However, this condition is common if you have dry eyes. LUMIFY significantly minimizes eye redness, giving them their natural radiance. According to eye care professionals, this product works within a minute and its effect can last for 8 hours. So, if you want to get want to do away with redness in your eyes, make LUMIFY your friend. On Amazon, out of 8,769 ratings, its average rating is 4.6 out of 5. Therefore, you can have confidence in this product.

Visine Original Redness Relief

Are you ready for sparkling eyes? This eye drop flushes out eye redness, giving you a clearer look. The manufacturer, Visine has about 60 years of experience regarding eye care. As a result, this product is an excellent relief for dry eyes and its effects, including eye irritation. It takes effect within 1 minute after application. If your budget is fixed, this is one of the most affordable dry eye products you’ll find in the market. Its price goes as low as below $4, making it easier and cheaper for you to purchase.

How Do You Prevent Dry Eye Disease?

As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure.” If you’re currently experiencing dry eyes, focus on the situations that are likely to lead to your eye symptom. Afterwards, find approaches to evade those situations to prevent these symptoms. Here are some precautionary measures you should consider: Always take breaks, especially when engaging in long tasks. Place your computer’s screen below eye level. Consider wearing protective eyewear. Avoid direct air blowing into your eyes. Never direct car heaters, air conditioners, fans, or hair dryers towards your lovely eyes. Consider using artificial tears often. Avoid smoke or dusty environments

The Bottomline

Dry eyes can be a big discomfort. That said, you should always take precautionary measures to avoid developing this condition. However, if you already experience dry eyes, consider using the identified products to help ameliorate your situation. However, if dry eye symptoms persist, consider seeing your optician for further medical examination.