By Team Lifestyle, 17 May 2022

Private Jet Rentals: How to Find Private Jet Flights Nearby & Get an Instant Quote Online

Have you been wondering how much a private jet flight would cost? Would you like to experience private traveling at an affordable cost? Read through our guide about booking private jet flights and experience a unique and exclusive way to travel!

Private Jet Rentals in US

There are many luxuries in the world that have become more accessible for more people. One said luxury is using private jets to travel instead of flying commercial airlines. Of course, owning a private jet is still top tier when it comes to exclusive travel, but renting is a close second.

The business of private jet rentals is booming. It allows more and more people to travel in style. There are even ways groups can pay for the rental together in order to make this event less expensive per person. This is, of course, not the same as fully renting a private jet for you and your closest friends, but it’s still a more luxurious way to travel.

Many people have questions about how to rent private jets. Most people never thought riding on one would ever be possible for them, so now they’re curious. What companies offer this service? How expensive is it to rent one? Also, do you have to first travel to a different location to even rent one?

We’ll answer these questions and more about private jet rentals in the US.

Why Some People Fly Private

Many people think of flying on private jets to be a bit snobbish. However, there are many reasons why someone may decide to do this. Besides simply wanting privacy, the current pandemic is one big reason. Flying commercial has always been time-consuming, but now wait times to board are through the roof. The use of a private jet makes this a great deal easier for the passengers. There are also much fewer security checks involved with flying on private jets. Of course, with a large number of people flying you’d want to be safe, but the number of people on a private jet simply doesn’t require this.

Another reason some people choose to fly private jets instead of commercially is that it allows for a more comfortable experience. In a regular plane, sometimes you’re forced to sit close to people you do not know, you may be required to wear a mask, and there isn’t a great deal of legroom. Private jets change this and actually make flying not only comfortable but also fun.

People love having choices. This is another reason to use private jets. Deciding to travel in this way gives you choices beyond the airline you’re flying on. When you fly a private jet, you can also pick the aircraft and the interior of the plane. This may not matter to everyone, but if you’re an airplane enthusiast, it may help you experience more types of aircraft.

Options for Private Jet Rentals

One option on the market for private jet rentals is Fly Airshare. This company has been in business since the year 2000 and they started out of Wichita, Kansas. Since 2019, they have offered service in the Upper Midwest. This includes Chicago, Louisville, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and also Indianapolis. They are now one of the nation’s largest fractional jet services.

They have multiple aircraft to choose from. Currently, there are three; the Phenom 100, the Phenom 300, and also the Challenger 350. Each of these planes offers a different experience that is designed to fit the needs of special people who want a more private travel experience.

Fly AirShare’s official website makes it easy to gather pricing estimates for charting a private jet. This is done in the usual way you search for flights. Simply put in your departure and arrival information and the site will bring up options that can be selected. To judge the price, we selected the option of leaving Chicago and flying to New York for three days. The cheapest option for this flight was $24, 567.20. This was for seven seats. The most expensive listing was for $88,863.50 and it had 13 seats.

Another option for private jet rentals is Jetex. They have been in business since 2005 and are considered global leaders in the executive aviation industry. If you’re looking for a company that focuses a great deal on international travel, this is worthy of consideration. This is because they have operation centers in many parts of the world.

In terms of picking an aircraft, they are separated into three groups. Midsize jet, heavy jet, and VIP airliner. This company is also great because you can plan a full experience rather than simply the transportation portion of a trip. When it comes to pricing, one example they list on their site is a one-way trip to London from Dubai. This would start at $75,000.

NetJets is another company that provides private jet rentals. In fact, they are considered the world’s largest private jet company. They have a rather large selection of jets for potential renters to choose from. They have light jets, midsize jets, super-mid, large, and long-range jets.

Like many luxury companies, the prices for jet rentals are not on their website. Instead, NetJets requires you to submit a request for information and you’ll then get a consultation. However, they offer three different programs. They have the NetJet Share option, which allows people to own an asset. This is great for people who plan to fly 50 or more hours a year. There is also the NetJets Lease, then they also have the NetJets card, which is more similar to what the other companies offer. This option also requires no commitment.

Private Jet Rentals Made Easy

The world of private jets has never been more in reach more people. Before, this was something only a rare few people had any sort of access to. However, now people have options beyond commercial travel. The companies presented on this list are by no means the only private jet rental options out there, but they are some of the best. They offer unique experiences as well as a variety of price points. Of course, this service is still too expensive for most people, but it’s no longer only for the super-rich.

Be sure to do your research in order to find an option that truly fits your needs as a traveler.