Travel By Team Lifestyle, 26 Feb. 2021

How to Plan the Perfect Beach Day

Perfect Beach Day Photo by Elaine Bernadine Castro from Pexels

For many people, few things are more enjoyable than a day at the beach. From the feel of gentle waves at your feet to the soft sand and cooler air, the shore is a fabulous retreat on a hot day. If you’re headed off to the beach, you’ll want everything to be as wonderful as possible. The best way to ensure the time you want when you’re there is to plan well before you head out. To plan the perfect beach day should take many factors into account. You’re going to want to think about which beach is the best choice for your plans, what to pack and what kind of things to bring along. This is your chance to relax. Embrace it with both hands and you’ll have a day to add to your favorite memories.

Which Beach is Right?

In some parts of the world, the shore is a short distance away. That makes it easy to get to the beach any time they like. Other people live within a few hour’s drive of a coastal community. Deciding on which beach is right for a day out will depend on factors such as where the person lives as well as the state of the beaches near them. Many communities maintain a beach for local residents as well as day trippers. Other beaches are part of a national park system. If you are on vacation, you may have access to a private beach. The kind of beach that is going for you personally should be thought about before you leave.

Accessing the beach should be a major consideration. Many beaches offer nearby parking. A state park will typically have a small entry fee that covers the cost of access and parking. However, such beaches may fill up quickly, especially on a hot weekend during the summer. Traffic leading to the beach can be quite intense. That can add minutes and even hours just to get to the sand. Others may be a longer distance away but offer more ample parking and a less crowded experience. Think about heading off a weekday to beat the crowds at a popular beach.

Amenities are another issue. Some beaches offer a place to sit and even camp overnight. They might also be next to many restaurants that make it easy to get lunch and dinner. Some beaches, however, may have only rudimentary changing facilities and minimal eating options. This means the visitor must bring everything from drinks to food with them. That can make fill up your trunk, leaving little room for anything else. It might also mean warm drinks on a hot day and unhealthy snack options. Many beaches have boardwalks and paths that lead directly to the beach from the parking lot. That means you’re not lugging things across hot sands.

An ideal beach choice for most people generally fulfills certain criteria. It should be easy to get there relatively quickly without being stuck in traffic. The beach should also offer good changing facilities and ample dining possibilities as well as being well maintained.

What to Bring?

Another important consideration is what to bring. A plan for the perfect beach day should include what the person needs in order to have the best possible time. It’s best to think about what the beach goer plans to do when at the beach. Some people just want to sit back, sunbathe and munch. Others prefer to be as active as possible. People who are traveling with others such as members of their family need to think about works best for everyone coming with them.

Unless you have a large truck, it’s a good idea to consider paring things down to a minimum when you’re off to the beach. This reduces your need to lug lots of things to your chosen patch of sand. It also reduces the possibility of leaving things behind when you leave. Everyone needs a place to sit. People also need shade from the sun, sunscreen and a few things to drink when they’re at the beach to help head off the possibility of dehydration. People also need towels and a means of keeping track of time.

The Basics and Some Extras

Everyone in your party should have their own towel. Children need special care to avoid getting sun damage. Babies should be kept out of direct sun. A hat along with loose fitting clothing for easy diaper changes are best. Everyone also needs the right clothing for the beach. A pair of well fitting sandals are vitally important. If you’re planning additional activities or you don’t want to sit in damp bathing suits on the way home, you’ll want a change of clothing. It’s also a good idea to bring some form of shade. An umbrella or specially designed beach tent are your best choices. The umbrella should be easy to set up and carry back with you. Try it out in the store. The same is true of any tent you’re bringing. You don’t want to struggle with putting it up while you’re trying to enjoy the day.

Extras can really make a difference. Look for toys for the beach that your kids can use to build the sand castle of their dreams. Floaties that cling to the waist and arms are also good to add in an extra layer of safety. Many companies offer beach toys that can go in the water. If inflatable boats are allowed, bring one along to explore the shore. Many places let you bring a kayak. You can hit tiny isolated coves that way. People who are headed to a beach with few food options should consider buying an insulated picnic basket. That will keep your hot food hot and ensure easy access to cold drinks even on a humid day. A sand free mat means you can sit back and relax. Comfortable folding beach chairs and waterproof bags make your day here even more fun.