Smartphones By Team Lifestyle, 15 July 2021

How to Clean and Keep Your Airpods like New

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While most of the homeowners consider cleaning the Air pods wireless headphones as a priority, others tend to think that cleaning the charging case and the storage is not a priority in the real sense. But working to keep the charging and the storage case clean is very important in helping to keep your Apple products look and perform like new and also keeping it hygienic. A deep cleaning of your Airpods are likely to increase the longevity of your gear. It will also help to eliminate bacterial growth and pocket lint.

1. Cleaning outside the Air pod Case

Giving the Case the General Cleaning

Here, you should start by using a gentle microfiber cloth for a initial cleaning and a general rub-down. Make sure you wipe the exterior of your case and make sure to remove any lint, wax, and dirt.

Dampening the cloth with liquid

The best liquid to use here is the distilled water, which will help you with your task. This will help remove difficult grime, then moisten the cloth using isopropyl alcohol. You are advised to use a minimal amount of liquid. If possible, do it while dry?

Note that the Air pods and the case are not water resistant. Therefore, you have to be careful not to let any liquid in the charging ports.

Use cotton swabs to remove any stains or dirt on the outside of the case

The swab gives you better accuracy and will let you clean the gunk just that much better. Dampen the swab with the distilled water or rubbing alcohol to loosen the wax or dirt. This is only necessary if the dry method fails to work. The process of how to clean air pods requires diligence and, thus, the need to have the right equipment with you. While still at the case and you still encounter difficulties to remove, make sure to moisten the end of the swab with small amounts of isopropyl alcohol.

2. Cleaning the Inside

Getting the Charging Ports as Clean as You can

The process of how to clean air pods involves a thorough process. You are required to use a cotton ball or a swab to help clean the ports. Here you will find a lot of lint and dust. Make sure you remove them using your cotton ball. This step will make sure that the case will be managed to continue charging quickly and prevent it from shorting out.

Getting into the nooks on top of your case

When you can keep the grooves clean, you will help keep your casing look new. Here, you are moisten your swab with little alcohol or water. Avoid drips falling into the electronics of your case. Carefully work the wax and dust from these most challenging areas with cotton or swab, which are only light dampened.

Use a toothpick to remove the stubborn grime

The use of a toothpick will help remove the dirt that may bring bacteria. You should be methodical and gentle to make sure that you can fully work on the grime. There is a waxy buildup that needs gentleness when removing.

3. Polishing Time

After a proper procedure on how to clean air pods, you should ensure that you do the following to leave the air pod as clean as new.

Rubbing the Case with Microfiber Cloth

At this juncture, your air pod case should be having another look. It should look like a new one. The final step is a finishing polish using a dry cloth.

Giving the Air pods a Quick Look Over

Just wipe down each headphone carefully. Remove any junk using a toothbrush. Here you can apply small amounts of rubbing alcohol on the cotton balls. It would mess up the good work that you may have done. So, be careful.

Place Your Air pod Back in the Charging case

At this point, you will have done everything regarding how to clean air pods and be ready for the next usage. You will notice that your gadget functionality will change and start working more efficiently than when it’s dirty. The air pods will also look attractive and also free from the wax that carries harmful bacteria.

In conclusion, every step is essential, and once correctly adhered to, you will notice that there is a reason to observe the cleaning rule.