Parenting By Team Education, 23 Oct. 2020

How to Celebrate Halloween Inside?

halloween insidePhoto by olia danilevich from Pexels

Tis’ the season of spooks and scares; it’s almost Halloween! Trick or treating or family and friend gatherings must be avoided as per the CDC safety guidelines for 2020’s Halloween. You and your loved ones must stay home this year to stay safe from the coronavirus. However, just because you can’t go, trick-or-treating does not mean you can’t have some fun. You can make the most out of Halloween without going out. Halloween is far from being canceled, and this article will guide you through some fun activities to make 31 October feel extra special while staying indoors.

Customize Your Costume

Who said you don’t need a costume if you’re not going out? In the spirit of Halloween, we recommend families to get their thinking socks on and plot their very best costume this year. Consider creating your outfit, allow your creative side to take over, and indulge in a super fun, family-friendly activity. Use household supplies to recreate your favorite character’s look or think outside the box and design your Halloween-inspired avatar! There are plenty of clothing and makeup ideas online that you can use to transform your whole look and scare the heck out of everyone.

Candy Taste Test

Now, this is something that will leave all the kids swooning. Kick start the holiday by having a taste test for every of the season’s sweet treats this year. Test a bunch of candies with your family, from green KitKat to the traditional candy corn to jolly ranchers and glow-in-the-dark chocolates. We bet you and your family will have a blast at this particular activity! Maybe even consider throwing some of your homemade candies and ask your kids to guess the ones you made from the store-bought ones.

Pumpkin Carving

Nothing screams Halloween more than pumpkins! Carving out some gourds has always been a Halloween classic. You can always buy a pumpkin from your local grocery store, but to make things interesting, you can also venture out on a pumpkin patch hunt. However, steer clear of the COVID-19 precautionary measures before you leave the house.

Get on to some fun ways to carve your pumpkins. Hold a contest among your family members to see who is the best at carving, print templates to follow, or simply go online and follow tutorials and make the most out of your pumpkin carving sessions. The younger kids can join in too, do not hand them carving knives; carve a pumpkin for them and ask them to paint it. It’s a win-win situation and a great family-friendly project for all.

Movie Marathon

Scary movies are a great way to celebrate October 31st! Whether it’s some special Halloween inspired movies like the Hocuspocus, Monster House, Halloweentown, and more are guaranteed to get you in the Halloween spirit. These are some classics to start with, but viewer discretion is advised. Get your family members around the TV and create the comfiest setting ever. Throw in extra pillows, bring in huge blankets and mattresses, and lay down a bunch of delicious movie snacks for everyone to enjoy. Make sure you don’t forget about the popcorn!

Halloween Inspired Dinner

There are TONS of recipes online, which you can follow that all contribute to celebrating the Halloween festivity. The first thing you need to do is to decide whether you want to follow a theme or if you want your dinner to match the rest of your decorations and planning, then you need to plan out the dishes and courses. Consider making something special with a hint of the Halloween frenzy; we bet your family will love every bit of it.

Have a Virtual Costume Contest

If you’re still deciding to wear your costume or not, now’s the time to make up your mind! Get dressed for Halloween, join in with friends and family on a zoom call and flaunt your new outfits. Rate some of the best ones; the loser gets free food delivered to everyone’s doorstep!

These were some of the many ways for you to stay indoors while still living up to celebrating Halloween in the best way possible. Plot out some other ideas along with these, and we bet Halloween will be the same, just like always!