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Fast & Cheap Online GED Prep: How to Prep and Find Online Classes

Need help finding GED classes? Are you having trouble prepping for the test and don’t know what to expect? Check out our guide to online classes, schools and test prep!

GED, or General Educational Development, is an equivalent credential to earning your high school diploma. The GED consists of four main subjects one should be proficient in upon graduating high school: Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and Mathematics. (These subjects can be tested one at a time, or all in one sitting) To earn your GED you have to be at least 16 years old, officially unenrolled in high school, and you must pass all four subjects of the test. (Requirements vary slightly from state to state so do ensure that you contact your state’s program administrator for more information.)

When it comes to taking the test, you have two options; An in-person exam, and now, an online proctored exam in the comfort of your own home. Let’s talk about the online testing process, what to expect, and how to best prepare for it.

Prepping for the Test with Online Classes

If you’re not good with self-study, the best way to prepare is to take a GED class. Nowadays, the easiest way to take classes is online. Depending on which state you live in, you may be able to refer to the following directories to find free GED classes: and These two directories are mostly focused on traditional classes, but some offer online opportunities. The best way to see what your options are are to input your zip code.

If you are willing to pay for test prep, the official GED company offers their own online class. It costs $129 to study all 4 subjects, $59 for Math only, and $59 for Language Arts only:

Preparing To Take The Online Test

According to the official GED website, you need:

Green GED Ready Score

You will need to take the GED Ready practice test and score “Green” before you can take the actual exam. A Green score is necessary for each of the four subjects. The practice tests should be completed within 60 days of whichever subject you are completing the day of.

Schedule Your Test

Once you successfully score “Green” on your practice test you will have 60 days to schedule your test appointment.

A Computer With a Webcam and Reliable Internet

Before you take the exam you will be asked to run a system test to check if your internet speed is reliable. Because this is a proctored test, your computer must have a webcam so the proctor can see you.

Private Workspace

You will be expected to sit in a room with four walls, a closed door, and no distractions.

Government-issued ID

When you check-in for your test you will have to verify your identification so make sure you have it close!

Let’s talk about what to expect during the test.

The official GED site provides a list of rules that have to be followed. Keep in mind if any of these rules are broken for any reason your test will be revoked, you will not receive your money back, and you will not be able to test in the future.

Cheating is Prohibited

This one should probably be a no-brainer.

No One Else is Permitted in the Room Once Your Exam Starts For Any Reason

Make sure the people in your household know this rule as well to prevent any unfortunate pop-ins!

You May Not Leave Your Work Area For Any Reason. Food, Drinks, Smoking, and Gum are Prohibited.

Eat a big meal and take care of bathroom breaks before you start.

You Cannot Use a Calculator or Use Physical Scratch Paper to Take Notes

No worries, you will have an onscreen scratchpad, calculator, and whiteboard.

Personal Items such as Phones, Watches, and Headphones must be out of reach.

Just to be safe, keep your phone and any other electronics in a different room. You wouldn’t want it to randomly go off.

No Talking

Again this may be a no-brainer, but keep it quiet.

So what are the pros and cons of taking the online test as opposed to the traditional in-person test?


The biggest pro of the online test is that it’s highly convenient. There are proctors available 24/7 giving you the ability to schedule your test at the best time for you. (Even if that’s 2 AM on Tuesday)

Being able to work in the comfort of your own space is certainly another pro. For those with testing anxiety, this could be a huge factor in calming nerves on the day of. As long as you’re within the given rules, you can set up your testing space in a way that maximizes your comfort and focus!

Although some might see this as a con, the GED Ready practice test is a great way to measure your readiness. A “Green” score means you’re likely to do well on the actual exam, this should give you a nice confidence boost.


What about the cons? Not everyone has access to reliable internet and a computer. If that’s the case the online test is not for you.

You are also not allowed as many immediate attempts on the online test as you would the in-person test. With the online test, if you fail two attempts, you will have to wait 60 days before you’re able to reschedule another test appointment.

Lastly, not being able to have a physical copy, take scratch notes, or use a physical calculator may be a con for those who prefer a hands-on testing experience.

More Test Prep Tips

If you have read through and decided the online test is for you. Here are some valuable tips for your success.

Know The Rules.

As we already stated, breaking any of the testing rules can result in your test being revoked. Make sure you know them by heart.

Take The Practice Test Seriously

Treat the practice test as you would the real thing. This is a great way to measure what you might need to work on. Or it’s a great way to calm your nerves.

Find Local Study Groups

Studying with peers who are taking on the same challenge as you might help motivate you. These groups are also usually free of charge. The GED site has a feature where you can enter your zip code and it will direct you to local study groups and classes. Facebook is also a great tool to find local groups.

Use Online Study Resources

The official GED site has great study resources like flashcards, practice tests, online courses, and more at relatively low prices. Kaplan and UGO Prepare also great places to turn.

To check if you’re eligible for online testing in your state can refer to the official GED website: