By Consumer Team | 20 July 2020

Best Kitchen Gadgets

photograph-of-a-kitchen-counter-1271940 Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

The kitchen is an important part of the house because this is where the food we consume is made. Cooking could be a very strenuous and time-consuming activity if you do not have the right gadgets. Just for a meal, you could expend so much time and energy. If you really enjoy cooking, getting the right gadgets can make cooking more fun than it already is.

To get rid of the problems of time-consumption and stress, there is a number of gadgets that you should consider purchasing. I consider these gadgets to be the 7 best kitchen gadgets that you must have. When you finally begin to use these gadgets, you will wonder why you have not been using them all the while. Don’t worry, you don’t need to thank me. Just follow the list.

Food Processor

When it comes to important gadgets in the kitchen, the food processor ranks very high. Unlike blenders, the blade in the food processor can be detached and replaced with another blade based on the purpose that the food processor has to serve at that time. This means that a food processor comes with different kinds of blade and disc attachments, for specific purposes, that are meant to make your cooking process easier.

A food processor can slice, blend, dice, mince, shred, grind and do a lot more. In fact, you can use it to mix flour. The range of use of this particular gadget is unbelievably wide. If you do not have one, you should order for one as soon as possible. The time you spend in cooking will be greatly reduced. The processor also helps you to save money. You would discover that buying already sliced or shredded foodstuff costs more than using your food processor that can accomplish the process within a remarkably short time.

Instant Pot

This is like the food processor of pots. Its range of functions is quite wide as well. It can successfully function as a rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, yoghurt maker and steamer. It comes with different cooking modes that help you choose what you would have it do at the time. It is also very fast at getting the cooking done.

Honestly, you do not have to spend so much money getting a rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker and all. Just buy an instant pot and enjoy all that these other pots have to offer in just one. The essence of this gadget was to reduce the space occupied by multiple cooking gadgets into just one main guy—the instant pot. So, one of the advantages of the instant pot, apart from all the others that have been mentioned is that it declutters your kitchen. If not for the multi-cooking ability of the instant pot, this list would have been longer. Some instant pots come with a WiFi feature, which makes it easy to monitor the cooking and control your Instant Pot with your mobile phone. Sweet!


If you’re a lover of fresh fruit juice like me, you need to have a juicer in your kitchen. Considering the benefit of fresh juice to your body, your immune system. Even if you do not like taking fruits, the benefit of these beauties to your body should force you to start taking some.

The juicer squeezes the juice out of your fresh fruits or vegetables, separating the pulp or every other solid part from the juice. This leaves you with fresh clean juice that you can instantly drink. In my kitchen, my juicer is very important.

The packs of juice being sold are mostly over-processed to the point that the nutrient that is meant to be in the juice have been lost. Having a juicer will save you the money of buying different packs of juice. Also, making your juice in your home preserves the nutrients in your fruits.

Slow cooker

You would wonder why I added a slow cooker to the list after mentioning the instant pot. Well, the answer is simple. I discovered that when it comes to the instant pot functioning as a slow cooker, some believe that it does not do a good job as the slow cooker would.

One of the complaints is that the instant pot, unlike the slow cooker, does not give you the opportunity to stair your food. Well, having a slow cooker would not hurt. However, if you really need to cut money, you can just buy your instant pot and stick with it.

With the slow cooker, you have the freedom of cooking your food at a very low temperature. With this, you can make your meat broth, your beans, your soup and you don’t have to be bothered about your food getting burnt. It saves you a lot of money, as food that could have been disposed or spoilt can be steamed safely over a long period of time.

The Benriner Vegetable Slicer

This is a very useful kitchen tool for cutting your vegetables. You can decide the thickness of your cuts with this tool. It is a very simple tool and quite easy to keep. It doesn’t take so much space; the design was made so that you can easily keep it in a small space in your kitchen.

This slicer comes with extra blades so that you can make french cuts. This gadget would save you time and energy. You do not have to try cutting your onions with knives anymore. You would burn yourself out and waste a lot of time. It is important to mention that his slicer has very sharp blades so be careful when using it.

Digital Food Scale and Measuring Cup

Measuring gadgets are underestimated in the kitchen. They are very essential gadgets that should be in the kitchen. When learning a recipe, we underestimate the effects of putting the wrong measure of ingredient in the meal. Even the wrong measure of water can turn a potentially well-cooked meal to a soggy one. You don’t want to always have to experience that.

I know some times when you have been cooking for years, you tend to think you are a walking scale. No, you are not. To avoid the effect of human errors, these gadgets were made for your use. I implore, get a measuring cylinder and food scale today. Luckily for you, there is a gadget that has both in one. You do not have to bother about your kitchen space being filled with too many things. Considering that I do not really like a cluttered kitchen, I would not suggest gadgets that would make the place more stuffy.

Electric Grater

This grater is multipurpose. It does great work in grating your cheese, carrot, potatoes. It can grate anything that you need to grate.

I guess you would say that there are already grated cheese or carrots that you can buy in the market. Of course, there are. However, the freshness and the nutritional essence of the food is compromised. In the process of preservation, certain substances are added that may break down the nutrients in the food. Eventually, you would just be eating empty calories. You do not want that for yourself.

With an electric grater, you save time, money and the nutritional benefits of your food are not compromised.

I have been able to suggest seven best kitchen gadgets that I know you need and why you need them. Order for yours now and enjoy how easy and smooth cooking can be.