Food By Team Lifestyle, 16 Mar. 2022

New BBQ Ideas for this Summer

BBQ Photo by Ekrulila from Pexels

Summer is approaching. Do you know what that means? Yes, warm weather, going to the beach, and summer BBQs. BBQs are one of the best parts of the summer. It’s an opportunity to get together with friends and family.

BBQs are also an excellent opportunity to taste delicious foods. However, are you bored with the usual hot dogs and hamburgers? It’s time to change up the menu with new delectable foods.

Do you want to learn new ideas for your next BBQ event? After you read these 10 tips in this article, your BBQ is going to be the talk of the neighborhood.

Get the Steak Tips Out

Steak tips are delicious. There’s a lot you can do with steak tips at a BBQ. Think of that smell that’ll drift through the neighborhood. Cook those steak tips to everyone’s satisfaction and serve them on a plate.

Do you know what else you can do with steak tips? Turn them into steak kabobs. Marinade them with a mouthwatering sauce. Better yet, mix the steak with chicken and pork.

Grill a Plate of Shrimp

Do you know what goes fabulous with steak? Yes, mashed potatoes and a side of vegetables. Here’s a new recipe idea. Grill out shrimp!

If you really need a break from the usual grilling menu, here’s something different. Shrimp is delectable for the summer grilling season. To really make your mouth water, grill some lobster tails alongside it and enjoy that savoring taste.

First, Grill an Appetizer

Have you ever thought about grilling appetizers before the meal? A new grilling idea is to grill a fresh bowl of guacamole. Grilled guacamole has a delectable smoky flavor. Stir it gently and then serve it with chips.

Aside from guacamole, try grilling potato salad. Did you know that you could grill out potato salad? Try it out. We’re all potato salad lovers at heart. Grilling it makes the mouth savor.

Try the California Burger Bowl

Here’s a new recipe to try with hamburgers. Instead of tossing them on a bun, toss them into a salad. Calfniroa Burger bowls are a great meal for anyone who is looking to stay healthy.

Mix in vegetables, fruit, mix in mayo, and a tablespoon of chipotle powder. Or mix in your own ingredients. Create your own Calfirnoa Burger Bowl idea.

Toss Bacon into Something

Anything is good with bacon, am I right? Here’s a new and exciting idea for that macaroni salad. Everyone will dig in when they see bacon in it.

First, make a bowl of macaroni and cheese, fill it with crispy bacon, cut up some tomatoes and green onions, and then flavor it with vinegar dressing. If you’re really looking to please the crowd, bacon is your ultimate satisfaction goal.

Oh, we have one more bacon idea. Remember, the potato salad that we mentioned. Toss some bacon in that, any people will really go crazy.

Try Out Pork Burgers

For one of those BBQ’s get rid of the hamburgers. Make sure that it is okay with everyone first. It’s very important to take note of what everyone likes.

Pork burgers are tasty. Spicy and tender, add spicy cheese and hatch chiles to this delectable meal. The final result is so delicious that you can’t help but have another to satisfy your tastebuds.

Chicken Wings… Glazed with Blackberries

Chicken wings are the best meals at a BBQ. However, are you tired of them because they have the same old sauce each time? Well, time to skip the sauce and glaze on some blackberries.

Yes, you heard us right. Buy some fresh blackberries and glaze the sauce onto those tasty chicken wings. Give it a taste yourself before serving. Or maybe not because then you’ll end up eating the entire plate.

Get Out the Nachos

Nachos are a real crowd-pleaser. Serve nachos at your BBQ and that plate will be clean in seconds. Yes, you can grill out nachos. Over the summer, you’re going to discover interesting recipes in which you never thought about for grilling out.

Try this. Toss a plate of nachos into a foil packet, let it sizzle on the grill, try not to think of the cheese smell, and then dig in when they are done. Put some black beans, avocados, bacon, and some lettuce into it. Sounds like a mouthwateringly good time, right?

Grilled Sausages in a Roll

Instead of hot dogs for one BBQ meal, experiment with grilled sausages. Sausages are tasty. This new BBQ idea is fun for all the guests to enjoy.

Put out an array of condiments while you are at it. Let the guests make their own grilled sausage in a roll. Depending on what the guests want, grill sweet and spicy sausages.

Make Those Baby Back Ribs Mouthwatering

Are we making your mouth water with this list of 10 new BBQ Ideas? Well, this last idea is set to make your mouth water. Baby Back ribs are the best meal to have. But, what can you do differently with them?

Pour a Cheerwine Soda Glaze spice on them. Trust us, it tastes so good. Oh, and they are messy, too. Aren’t all baby back ribs? That is the best part.