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At Home Sunburn Treatments

Sunburn Treatments Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

A bad sunburn can be miserable pain. Depending on where you get burned, it can prevent good restorative sleep. It can also slow you down and interfere with getting things accomplished for days. When the burning pain starts to ease up in two or three days, your body will start trying to get rid of the damaged cells, and you will itch and peel. Peeling and itching will last another two or three days. When a sunburn is severe, it can come with blisters or swelling, and make you feel like you have the flu. You can run a fever, experience muscle ache, have chills, suffer headaches, nausea, and weakness. The blisters and swelling are signs of a second-degree sunburn and may cause you to need to see a doctor. Do not pop the blisters; allow them to heal naturally. The blisters are the body’s way of protecting the skin cells and also serve in preventing infection.


If you have a sunburn of any degree, one of the first things you can do to reduce the possibility of additional problems is to drink so much water that you stay almost too full to eat. Drink more water than you usually would, much more. Avoid alcohol for at least a couple of days for the same reason, dehydration. A sunburn will raise your body temperature and boost your chances of becoming dehydrated. Dehydration will cause you to feel tired and dizzy. If you struggle with drinking water, Gatorade is an acceptable second choice. You do not want to have a problem with dehydration on top of the pain of sunburn. Well-hydrated skin will heal faster.

Home Remedies

Treat sunburn easily with treatments that have been around for years. Some of them work for some people better than others. When you are in great pain, you may want to try some of them. When I was a child, my mother put me in a tub with cold water and threw about ten used black-tea-bags in the water with me. She then carefully rubbed my burned skin with the teabags and squeezed them, and let it run over the burned skin. I then had to sit in the brown water for about thirty minutes. When I got out, she put lotion on my face because I did not soak my face. I did feel a little better. It did not seem to sting as much as it had. The next morning, I was over the sunburn on my body. I was pink, but I was out of pain. It worked for me, but she did the same thing for my older brother, and he said that it did not help him at all.


Milk has a natural inflammatory effect on the skin, but if you have a large sunburn, soaking in a tub full of milk may not be possible unless you live on a dairy farm. It is interesting, though, that the acidity of milk and its high protein, fat content, and plentiful vitamins and minerals can help alleviate sunburn pain. Yogurt will work in the same way and can get put on as a cream or lotion. You can find sunburn treatments that are made of milk online and in some stores. Milk has lactic acid and can aid in soothing your pain and help the healing process. You cannot use plant-based milk. Using cow’s milk, pour some over a soft cloth and use it as a compress, or pour it directly onto your skin. Use cold cow’s milk. You will need to bathe very well the next morning or before going out, or someone may accuse you of being spoiled. This article has information about milk and other home remedies. Natural Remedies For A Sunburn

Aloe Vera

Your grandmother may have kept an aloe vera plant in her kitchen. If she did, she would pinch that plant to get the juice out of it and rub it on a burn if she was injured while cooking. The juice is gel-like. Aloe Vera helps treat sunburn easily as it helps take the sting out of a burn, and it is great for small sunburned areas like the face. This plant’s gel has skin moisturizing value and contains over 200 vitamins. Webmd has an informative article about some other ways to help stop the discomfort of sunburn.Sunburn Treatment


Cucumbers may be one of the most appreciated home remedies for sunburn. You will feel instant relief wherever you lay a thin slice of cucumber against your fire-red skin. They feel even better if you take them out of a refrigerator right before slicing them. Cover your sunburn with the slices, and allow it to stay there for about fifteen minutes. When you remove the slices, leave the juice, and allow your skin to absorb it. You can rinse it off later. Cucumber will soothe your burn, and it contains antioxidants and analgesic properties that will aid in the skin’s ability to heal faster. Cucumbers provide longer-lasting relief from the burning sensation on your skin than most other home remedies. This article provides more information about cucumbers. Cucumbers To Soothe A Sunburn

Sunburn pain, if it is not a second-degree burn, will usually only last a couple of days before the skin has notable signs of healing. In the meantime, no one wants to be in pain. Take an aspirin, stay out of the sun, and try some old fashioned ideas that have worked for others. If one does not work, move on to another. The reason these treatments get passed down from generation to generation is that they work. As mentioned before, one may not work for you. If you keep trying, you will come across a simple home remedy that will work for you, and the ingredients may be in your kitchen cabinet. You may find remedies using oatmeal, tobacco, honey, and many other things.