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7 Simple Tips on How to Get the Best Eyelashes

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Having trouble getting the perfect lashes? Stuck with clumpy mascara? Sometimes the best strategy is getting back to basics. Check out some of these easy tips to improve your eyelash routine.

1. Overnight Ideas for Easy Eyelashes

There are several ways to improve and lift your lashes that don’t require coats of mascara or implants.

The first suggestion is to find an eyelash serum. This is usually a clear liquid that you brush onto your lashes before going to bed. Remember that lashes are a kind of hair. Proper treatment will help them grow and thicken. These serums can be found online or at almost any store in the makeup section. In the morning, brush out your lashes with an eyelash brush or spoolie to remove any residue, and then proceed with the rest of your routine as normal.

2. Properly Use an Eyelash Brush

These brushes come in almost every makeup brush packet, but can be found for very cheap on the side if needed. It may sound crazy, but lashes can actually get knotted or bent out of shape. The comb or brush is designed to help invigorate and smooth your lashes.

If you don’t have one on hand, an easy option is to clean off an old mascara brush to use instead. Brushing out your eyelashes helps separate and distinguish each individual hair, and as a bonus, it only takes a few seconds.

3. Use an Eyelash Curler to Achieve Lift and Volume

An eyelash curler is much more than just a metal contraption. It curves the eyelashes up, allowing them to accentuate your eye rather than cover it. A curler has never made easy eyelashes so achievable, giving you beautiful, noticeable lashes in just a few seconds.

If you brush your eyelashes out beforehand, it furthers the cohesive effect. Instead of sticking straight out, your lashes will now frame the eyes and stand out against the eyelids.

4. Work with Eyelash Color

Another easy eyelashes hack to help bring out the eyes is to experiment with color. A blue mascara can help show off a blue eye, while an intense black might frame a gray or hazel eye. The subtle color tints transform any make-up look and can even replace the need for a colored eyeshadow. Have fun with this idea and try out different looks.

5. Apply Mascara Properly

Mascara is the black (or colored) magic of eye makeup. It enhances your eyes without overpowering the lashes. The trick to getting the most out of your mascara is in how you apply it. There are a few options:

• Blink it on

• Wiggle the brush

• Apply it straight on

These are the three most common ways of applying mascara, but they all have their pros and cons. When you blink it on, you keep the brush fairly steady and let the rise and fall of your eyelashes drag against it. This way minimizes smudging mascara over your eyelid, but it is also hard to get at the roots of your eyelashes.

The brush wiggle is another very effective method. Start with the brush at the very base of your eyelash, but as you pull it through your lashes, move the brush back and forth horizontally. This grips the lash, making sure that each hair is coated. It applies the thickest layer of mascara, but it also smudges on the eyelids the easiest.

The final option many choose is to simply drag the brush through the eyelash, no blinking or wiggling involved. This will give you a light coat, perfect for lashes that are already long or thick. However, if you have shorter or thinner lashes it may miss the base or the tips. It requires minimal effort but often gives minimal results.

6. Add Multiple Coats of Mascara

You might see packaging or instructions telling you to “apply multiple coats” of mascara. What constitutes as a second coat, and why would that be a good thing? Mascara allows you to choose how natural or vibrant you want your eyelashes to look. Multiple coats thicken and lengthen your lashes, but also run the risk of clumping or smearing.

A single coat, while easy to apply and maintain, may not make much difference in your look. The trick is in the timing. When you begin to apply mascara, it brushes on wet. After you feel like you have coated each hair, there is a small bit of time before it dries and that is the window to add yet another coat. If you apply mascara to the top lashes and then the bottom, the top will then be ready for a second coat. The drier the mascara is when you try to add another coast, the more it will clump or stiffen, causing hairs to break off or droop down. Make sure you are able to blend the second coat with the first, rather than covering a previously dried coat.

7. Embrace Your Look

It’s important to know your lashes. If yours are naturally long and thick, brushing them out and curling them will be the most important steps for an easy and beautiful eyelash look.

If you have thinner or shorter lashes, finding an effective serum and experimenting with ways to apply your mascara will make all the difference. Remember that you are enhancing your lashes, not covering them up. Eyelash treatments will work differently on everyone, so don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t work the first time.

Keep trying out new ways to make your eyelashes look great, and most of all, enjoy yourself in the process.