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10 Fun Things to Ask Your Smart Speaker

black-amazon-echo-on-table-977296 Photo by Fabian Hurnaus from Pexels

Smart speakers can act as your virtual assistants in remote-controlled activities. Besides, you can engage them for fun and even showing off to friends and visitors too. Read along for some fun things to ask your smart speaker.

Ask Questions that Prompt Mind Games

Smart speakers have games that grown-ups can play on their own, in pairs or groups. Everyone needs to boost their memory and expand their knowledge regularly. You can get this kind of benefit from Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Here are some examples of questions that you can ask Google assistant to start games:

  • “Are You Feeling Lucky? This starts a game about general knowledge, where you answer questions with simple “Yes” or “No.”
  • “OK Google, Talk to Movie Quiz”: In this game, you identify movies based on sound clips.
  • “Hey Google, play Jeopardy”: this is for the famous TV show, “Jeopardy.”

Ask Your Smart Speaker to Remember Things for You

You can train your smart speaker to remember essential concepts to remind you in turn if you forget. It could be the PIN for opening your phone or suitcase code. Other things that the smart speaker can remember for you include:

  • Important birthdays
  • Locker coder
  • The colors you like
  • Important recipes

All you need to do is address the speaker accordingly and feed it with information, and then it will keep the memory. For Google, you can say, “OK, Google, remember my phone PIN is…” to retrieve you, ask, “Hey Google, what is my phone PIN?”

In case you are using Amazon Alexa, you start with “Alexa, remember my phone pin is…” Retrieval of that memory is similar to how you would do with the other smart speakers.

Ask Questions That Help Update Your Shopping Basket

Your smart speaker can help you access essential shopping lists through your connected Smartphone. All you need to do is notice there is a shortage and then set it up to the task. For example, “Hey Google, add milk, vegetables, and yogurt to my shopping list. Also, “Alexa, add pizza to my shopping list.”

Ask Funny Questions and Give Commands

Do not always be serious when looking for fun things to ask your smart speaker. Ask non-essential questions to pass the time and attract funny-programmed answers. Ask Google Assistant and Alexa the following questions:

  • “How old are you?”
  • Who was your first crush?
  • “Will you be my girlfriend?”

You are likely to receive hilarious answers from smart speakers. Alexa, for instance, will not accept to be your girlfriend. However, she may answer that she only likes you as a friend.

Ask the Smart Speaker to Teach You Spelling

The smart speaker has a rich program that gives it in-depth knowledge. Leverage this knowledge to teach yourself spelling and have fun. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can help you learn how to spell both challenging and straightforward words.

Have fun with Alexa by asking straightforward questions such as Alexa, how do I spell the word flabbergasted?” For Google, put the words more directly. That is, “OK, Google, spell autumn.”

Ask Your Smart Speaker to Replace the Remote

This feature is not available in all TVs, but you can install it in the smart ones. For example, you can install Google Chromecast or check if your TV came with the program. This will enable the Google Assistant to do all the functions that a remote control device would do.

Ask the smart speaker to switch the TV on or off, and it will follow your prompts. Tell your TV to jump to a particular channel or adjust the volume. Enjoy your hands-free TV watching experience.

Ask Your Smart Speaker to Operate Smart Appliances

Install smart bulbs, security appliances, and air conditioning devices. Once you synchronize them with your smart speaker, you can ask them to perform most functions. The smart speaker can put lights off and on, and operate your intelligent garage door on your prompt.

You can link the smart speaker to your Smartphone to add a remote control feature. It enables you to command functions when you are away from home. You will ask the smart speaker through your iPhone or Google Pixel phone to do the tasks that you want.

Ask Your Smart Speaker Questions on Its Personality

Humans program the smart speakers and give them personalities that mirror theirs. Dig in for these personality trains by asking leading questions. You can ask these questions to the smart speaker:

  • OK, Google, do you like your coffee with cream and sugar?
  • Alexa, what can you say about Google?
  • Alexa, what could possibly make you angry? Are you always happy?
  • OK, Google, what is your favorite car model?

Ask Questions about Yourself

The smart speaker will give you its “opinion” about your personality. You may get an honest opinion that is non-judgmental, unlike humans. The view may not reflect your true self, but you will find a lot of fun in this questioning. Just ask questions about yourself and enjoy the coincidences in the answers you will receive. Check out a few of the questions that will give you most fun:

  • OK, Google, do you find me beautiful/handsome?
  • Alexa, would you have a dinner date with me?
  • OK, Google, do you think I am narcissistic?
  • Alexa, I am upset. What is wrong with me?

Ask for Random Facts

Smart speakers have many facts that they can present to you any time you ask. Ask about the things that you have heard before, and you are not sure. Most likely, you will get a confirmation and even learn more details. You may ask questions like these:

  • Alexa, is it true women’s hearts beat faster than men’s hearts?
  • OK, Google, how long is a cosmic year?
  • Alexa, is it true that there are edible bowls that hold hot food for a long time?

This guide on fun things to ask your smart speaker makes you understand your device better. Your Google smart speaker and Amazon Alexa can tell you so much. However, you must phrase your questions the way you want the answer to be.